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AutomatorWP Modern Events Calendar Addon GPL Overview:

AutomatorWP is a WordPress plugin allowing you to automate various tasks on your website. It provides integrations with other plugins and services, including the Modern Events Calendar, a popular WordPress plugin for creating and managing events.

The AutomatorWP Modern Events Calendar integration allows you to automate tasks related to your events, such as sending reminders to attendees, updating event details, and creating new events. Some of the triggers and actions that you can use with the Modern Events Calendar integration include:

When a new event is created
When an event is updated
When an attendee registers for an event
When an event starts or ends

You can use these triggers to set up various actions to be performed automatically. For example, you can use the Modern Events Calendar integration to automatically:

Send a reminder email to attendees before an event starts
Update the date, time, or location of an event when necessary
Add or remove attendees from an event based on their actions on your site
Automatically create a new event when certain conditions are met

The AutomatorWP Modern Events Calendar integration can help you streamline your event management workflows and save time by automating repetitive tasks. It can also help you provide a better experience for your attendees by automatically sending reminders and keeping event information up to date.

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