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AutomatorWP MemberPress GPL Overview

AutomatorWP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automate various tasks on your WordPress website. It provides integrations with other plugins and services, including MemberPress, a popular membership plugin for WordPress.

The AutomatorWP MemberPress integration allows you to automate tasks related to your membership site, such as managing user registrations, subscription renewals, and user access to content. Some of the triggers and actions that you can use with the MemberPress integration include:

- When a user registers for a new membership level

- When a user cancels or downgrades their membership

- When a subscription is renewed or expires

- When a user's access to a post or page is granted or revoked

You can use these triggers to set up various actions to be performed automatically. For example, you can use the MemberPress integration to automatically:

- Send a welcome email to new members when they register

- Update a user's membership level or subscription status when they perform certain actions on your site

- Grant or revoke access to specific content based on a user's membership level or subscription status

- Renew a user's subscription automatically when it expires

The AutomatorWP MemberPress integration can help you streamline your membership site workflows and save time by automating repetitive tasks. It can also help you provide a better user experience for your members by automatically managing their access to content and keeping their membership information up to date.


  • The user purchases a membership
  • The user registers with a subject value
  • The user purchases a one-time membership
  • The user purchases an ordinary membership
  • The user cancels a membership
  • User suspends a membership
  • User views a membership
  • User completes a lesson of a course
  • User starts offevolved a course
  • The user completes a course
  • User views a course


  • Add a membership to the user
  • Remove membership from the user
  • Cancel membership to consumer 
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