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AutomatorWP GPL Overview:

AutomatorWP is a WordPress plugin that allows users to automate their website workflows using various triggers and actions. The AutomatorWP Core plugin is the main plugin that provides the foundation for creating workflows using triggers and actions.

With the AutomatorWP Core plugin, users can select from various triggers and actions to create custom workflows that automate tasks and streamline their website management processes. The available activities include sending emails, creating new users, updating user metadata, and more. The available actions include sending emails, creating new users, editing user meta data, and more. Some triggers in the core plugin include user registration, form submissions, post creation or update, and more.

For example, users can set up an automation where a user submits a contact form; an email notification is sent to the website owner, or a new user is created in the website's user database. Other possible actions include adding the form data to a Google Sheet or sending a notification to a Slack channel.

To use the AutomatorWP Core plugin, users must install and activate it on their WordPress website. They can then set up workflows in AutomatorWP using the desired triggers and actions.

The AutomatorWP Core plugin is a powerful tool for website owners to automate their website management processes, saving time and improving the overall efficiency of their website. AutomatorWP also provides several add-ons that extend its functionality and integration with other WordPress plugins.

AutomatorWP GPL Features:

AutomatorWP is extraordinarily effective and infinitely extensible. Check out some of the built-in features:

Unlimited triggers and actions:

Configure as many triggers and moves per automation as you want.

Logged-in and nameless automation:

Create automation for logged-in customers or, for now, not logged-in visitors.


Filter any set-off or motion with the prerequisites of your choice.

Required wide variety of times:

Set the range of instances required to whole a set off like a remark on a submit three times.

Sequential triggers:

Force customers to use actual stimuli to whole the automation.

Completion limits:

Limit automation's most completion instances per person and globally.


Tags to skip dynamic statistics from triggers to movements (with a guide to the consumer and put up meta).


AutomatorWP is extraordinarily bendy, with many hooks to add customized facets and functionalities. 

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