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AutomatorWP Button GPL Overview

AutomatorWP is a WordPress plugin that allows users to automate their website workflows using a variety of triggers and actions. The Button add-on is an extension for AutomatorWP that provides a new trigger for users to trigger an automation based on the click of a button on their website.


With the Button add-on, users can set up workflows to trigger specific actions based on when a button on their website is clicked. For example, users can set up an automation where when a button is clicked, an email notification is sent to the website owner, or a new user is created in the website's user database. Other possible actions include adding the button click data to a Google Sheet or sending a notification to a Slack channel.


To use the Button add-on, users need to have both AutomatorWP and the Button add-on installed and activated on their WordPress website. They can then create a new automation workflow in AutomatorWP using the Button trigger and select the desired actions to be triggered based on the button click.


The Button add-on provides a flexible and powerful way for website owners to automate their workflows based on user actions, helping them save time and improve the efficiency of their website processes.


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