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WooCommerce Affiliate Manager Prime GPL Overview:

  • WooCommerce Affiliate Manager Prime GPL – is an Advanced, Robust, High Functional WooCommerce supported Plugin, Which helps you to earn limitless using growing Unlimited Affiliates.
  • Suppose you are walking a save on WooCommerce. In that case, you need to use this plugin which lets you make your profits limitless by way of developing Affiliates with their handy separate dashboard and enables you to pay them by way of Paypal & Stripe, which are already inherited in this plugin for your Softness clicking, You can manipulate all of it by having access to your WordPress Admin area.
  • Affiliate Manager Prime is the Modern and Powerful Innovation for your WordPress and WooCommerce Site. Using this plugin, you can enhance your WooCommerce store. We have furnished advanced points that will enlarge your sales. Plugin functionalities are accessible. As a result, you and your Affiliates can, without problems, function the dashboard. This plugin is a more excellentcellent handy plugin than different Affiliate plugins.

WooCommerce Affiliate Manager Prime GPL Features:

1. Sign-up bonus Affiliate registration with the aid of Admin

Admin can set a bonus for the precise Affiliate at the beginning of registration. It will raise the morale of the Affiliate and make the unreachable bandwidth.

2. Maximum fee limits putting for Affiliate are accessible via the Admin end

Admin has a characteristic to set most fee limits for Affiliates. It will provide your Affiliate with the difficulty of fee earning.

3. Admin can set an Affiliate sensible fee Flat, Percentage of Combined Commission

Admin can charge a fee for a man or woman Affiliate and a fee for complete Affiliates.

4. Unlimited Social media sharing

Affiliates can Share limitless merchandise Hompagesge and Product Pages and keep promo hyperlinks on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

5. Payment API integration

Affiliate’s fund’s switch with invulnerable Paypal & Stripe API.

6. Transfer withdraw quantity the use of Paypal

It is a high-quality way to switch to an Affiliate price and start using it with the aid of Paypal.

7. Transfer withdraw a quantity of the usage of Stripe

Thmostst t, Secured & Easy to use price approach, referred to as Stripe, is handy for switching & withdrawing.

8. Affiliate registration request approval manually through Admin

Admin has the proper to approve the registration request through the Affiliate manually.

9. Unlimited incomes for a lifetime

Easy, Simple & Unlimited payments are now feasible for you for a lifetime.

10. Admin and Affiliate dashboard designed with Bootstrap MaterialExcellent searching & fully-featured Admin & Affiliate dashboard designed with Bootstrap Material.

11. Affiliate’s customized templates

Attractive Custom templates for Affiliates that help to work efficaciously are handy here.

11. Dark theme guide for the Affiliates

Affiliates have a darkish theme alternative that offers an Amazing visualization for dashboard interfaces.

12. Admin can disable and ban any Affiliate with reason

Adminrightistss orgetst the s right of entry to Disable or Ban any Affiliate with a proper sense.

13. Admin can use Disable and Ban any Affiliate with the reason

Admin has the right or gets entry to Disable or Ban any Affiliate with perfect sense.

14. If the motive is now not referred to by using the Admin, then the default message(setting reachable in the putting section) will be despatched to an Affiliate. If the default message is placed, then gadget generated message will be shown

15. Admin can set customized motives for Disabling or Banning an Affiliate; if Admin no longer supplies the purpose, a predefined purpose will be shown.

16. Disabled Affiliates will be enabled by using Admin manually. Once an Affiliate is obtained, Disabled can be enabled manually using the Admin.

17. Affiliates can earn by using Sale commission, MLM stage commission, and Reward.

18. Most income facets are right here for Affiliates, like Sale commission, MLM stage commission, and a lot greater Rewards.

19. Every web page table has Shorting and Filtering facility

Every web page cconsistsofof the facility of Shorting and Filtering, using which it will be convenient to get the preferred data.

20. Unlimited Sale Commission

The sale fee is severe and unlimited. You will get a lifetime and many Sale commissions.

21. Performed searching, sorting, and filtering functionalities with the use of Ajax

One can operate all the movements like Searching, Sorting, and Filtering, and it is performed by using Ajax, so it will be speedy and barring loading

the page

22. Admin can set default message for Rejected, Disabled, and Banned Affiliates

23. Admin can set Product-wise Flat, Percentage, and Combined(Flat and Percentage both) kind of Commission

Here Admin can charge fees product-wise in specific structures like Fat, Percentage, and combined.

24. Admin can set Category sensible Flat, Percentage and Combined(Flat and Percentage both) kind of Commission

Here Admin can set fee Categories practical in exclusive varieties like flat, percentage, and combined.

25. Admin can set Common Flat, Percentage, and Combined(Flat and Percentage both) kinds of Commission

Here Admin can set recurring commissions in distinctive varieties like Flat, Percentage, and Combined.

26. Commission Priority

There are particular priorities on the Commission base like Affiliate wise&gt, Product wise&gt, Category wise> Common Commission.

27. Graphical and Analytical representation

All the distinct properties like Sales, Commission, Total Sales, Earnings, and Registered Affiliate statistics are re-presentable right here in Graphical and Analytical

28. Graphical illustration filter

Data is represented here by cleverly filtering into a day, month, and 12 months in Graphical representation.

29. Sale Approval

Admin additionally can Approve, Reject & Delete the fee on sale manually from his end.

30. Commission at Different MLM levelsrDifferences fees can be set by way of Admin on every degree of MLM, like Flat, Percentage, or Combined.

31. Withdraw approach for Affiliate

Affiliates can ship a request for withdrawal by deciding on a price approach that the Admin enables; as soon as the withdrawal request is validated with the aid of the Admin, the quantity will be transferred thru the selected charge method.

32. Easy to locate pinnacle 5 Affiliates, Top 5 Selling Products, Recent 5 Sales, Enabled Filtration technique will help to discover height 5 Affiliates, Top 5 Selling Products, and Top 5 Recent Sales quickly.

33. Affiliates additionally have a Graphical illustration of Visits and Earnings

Affiliates can view their Total wide variety of Visits d a Total variety of Earnings via A graphical illustration of different T comprehensiformatsrmat.

34. Affiliates can see incomes status

Affiliates can take a look at all their revenue and kind of earnings.

35. Action on withdrawing request through Admin

Admin can Approve withdrawals request, Reject leaves request, and Delete withdrawals request

36. Withdraw Request Tracking.

Affiliates can song their contemporary withdrawal requests and additionally can take a look at all withdrawal histories.

37. Sale Commission Tracking.

Affiliates can song all their Sales fees with a single click, and each would be labeled via levels.

38. Withdraw request validation

If any withdrawal request is pending, then withdraw request button is routinely Disabled. After completion of the Pending request, the cancel request button is robotically Enabled; the Affiliate can request new starts. 

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