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WooCommerce Product Table GPL Overview:

WooCommerce Product Table plugin is a beneficial extension for e-commerce and online shop websites designed through WordPress. This plugin can make an effective alternative to online buying websites.

If you’re already a WooCommerce user, you’re possibly acquainted with product pages. They can be beneficial for exhibiting images, sharing data such as dimensions and prices, and enabling clients to make quick purchases.

However, some conditions place product pages with different purpose issues than they solve. For example, some merchandise – such as e-books orprogramsre programs, and offering benefits from using benefit from using images; in chronic cases, regular products are unusual but seem empty.

Additionally, product pages once in a while inhibit shopping and purchasing. If you have a giant quantity of objects available, scrolling thru one product web page after any other can get tiring (and boring) for your customers. In my opinion, using product pages to add gadgets to a cart is also time-consuming and tedious.

WooCommerce Product Table GPL Features:


Columns are the most critical phase of this plugin. You can personalize how to show any facets of the merchandise in the columns. This is like a game. You are free to pick out the way that you choose to exhibit the products. By including taxonomy, variables, and even custom fields, there is no dilemma for you to make the aspects in any order as you wish.

WooCommerce Product Table – 8QUERY:

Query makes it even simpler for you as a save supervisor to show a team of merchandise with unique features. AManyfields have been designed in the Query of the eCommerce Product Table plugin to assist you to din dividing your inventory with specific characteristics.

WooCommerce Product Table – 9SEARCH BOX AND PAGINATION:

The search excellent is in good shape to make a customer-friendly look for your look table. Finding and filtering the merchandise may want to more straightforward been more straightforward for customers. This is the most practical function of the eCommerce Prthe product Table plugin that encourages your clients to chase more excellent quickly. Product Table – 10TEMPLATE:

In the WooCommerce Product Table plugin, fascinating templates are accessible to assist you in making a different appearance. This is no longer the give-up of the story! More choices are ready for you as the supervisor of the ten-lines purchasincenterre to alternate any section of the product desk to look preciselylooksaccordance with your consumption with taste.

By deciding on “Add new template,” every single section of the desk is in your hand. You can exchange the textual content color, historcolorcolorascolorur, thumbnail images, pop-ups, the shade of classes, and many different items.


  • Fashion website
  • Jewelry products
  • Electronics shops
  • Mobile shops
  • Gadget products
  • Restaurant menu
  • Accessories stores
  • Books shops
  • Tickets websites
  • Pricing TableOnlinee Music
  • Virtual documents and downloadable product


  • Display WooCommerce merchandise as a table
  • Search and Filter products
  • Quickly get entQuicklythe cart m in all places on the screen
  • Add as many gadgets as they desire to the cart at the equal time
  • See Thumbnail shape
  • Choose editions in the motion column
  • Useful Group aApplicableApplicablecart option
  • Supports most of the woocommerce product’s fields
  • ID
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Slug
  • Product Category
  • Product Tags
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Regular price
  • Sale price
  • Sale time from
  • Sale time to
  • Manage stock
  • Stock Quantity
  • Stock Status
  • Product Status
  • On sale
  • Status
  • Featured…
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